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Here's the rest of the Taste Of Chaos dates. Pre-sale info went out yesterday.

3.13.05 Pagent, St. Louis, MO

3.15.05 Allient Energy Center, Madison, WI

3.16.05 Val Air Ballroom, Des Moines, IO

3.18.05 Filmore, Denver, CO

3.19.05 Memorial Hall, Kansas City, KS

3.20.05 Roy Wilkins, Minneappolis, MN

3.21.05 Alerus Ballroom, Grand Forks, ND

3.22.05 The Roxy On Broadway, Saskatoon, SK

3.23.05 Corral, Calagary, Idontknowwhatstate

3.25.05 Plaza Of Nations, Vancouver, WA

3.26.05 Everett's Event Center, Seattle, WA

3.28.05 Salem Armory, Portland, OR

3.29.05 SJSU Event Center, San Jose, CA

3.30.05 Selland Arena, Frenso, CA

3.31.05 Long Beach Arena, Los Angeles, CA

4.1.05 San Diego Sports Arena, San Diego, CA

4.2.05 Vets Memorial/Dodge Theater, Phoniex, CA

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